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Gain a Skill

LITTLE HACKERS is a programming school intended for elementary students who really want to learn programming.
Programming is not only a skill society is focused on for the future, learning programming is a highly efficient way to teach how to think to resolve problems and give shape to ideas.

Gain the Ability to Think

While the lessons are conducted as mainly focusing on game production class is not only about children being able to program or make games but instead a major point of the class is to have “Thinking programmatically” become second nature for the children. Truth be told, video games are not only a topic children readily are interested in, but there are also valuable methods of thought contained in programming them.

Gain the Ability to Solve Problems

One benefit of software programming is that through repeating the cycle of making points clear, forming a hypothesis, observing carefully, and receiving feedback, children learn how to naturally solve problems and answer questions. If this kind of thinking is learned at a young age, children should later on be able to deepen their knowledge of programming to support their interests, make the games they want to make, optimize their study habits for school, and improve their grades.



A Focus on Game
Interests Children

At LITTLE HACKERS, we teach classes using the programming language “Scratch” developed with children in mind at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Programming by arranging various colored blocks even inexperienced children can smoothly start to make games.

Teaching Style Expands
Creativity and Independence

At first children will complete games by duplicating the sample script given by the teacher as it is, but as they get accustomed to programming they will become able to add features and customize their game. After learning the fundamentals of programming via Scratch, children can go on to challenge more traditional programming languages such as Go Programming Language and Lua.

Learn English at
the Same Time

At LITTLE HACKERS children experience learning programming in English. Many programming languages are made using English as their base, so understanding English without needing to translate each and every word allows for children to understand a program easier.

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