LITTLE HACKERS is a classroom intended for children who truly want to become proficient at programming. Programming is not only an important skill for society from now on, but programming is effective way to teach how to use their heads to solve problems and give shape to ideas.

While the lessons are conducted as mainly focusing on game production class is not only about children being able to program or make games but instead a major point of the class is to have “Thinking programmatically” become second nature for the children.

There is no best age to start programming but when interested there are children who are capable of displaying ability exceeding that of adults. Why not help these children who are interested in computers and making games get started?



  • Have Fun Learning

    The class teaches programming by centering on the enjoyment of making games, aiding children to show their ability to focus.

  • Comfortable but New

    Children who are trying programming for their fist time are able to steadily learn programming at their own pace.

  • Learn in English

    Using English during lessons is efficient since programming has a high affinity to English.

  • First Rate Teachers

    Taught by a Super Engineer, former International School teacher, and other great teachers of diverse backgrounds.

  • Learn with Friends

    Students gain encouragement by teaching each other. When students teach their friends about what they learn, they deepen their understanding.

  • Self-Develop Skills

    Through the study of programming, children develop their creativity and sense of independence.


About our classrooms

LITTLE HACKERS strives to offer an International learning environment so we have opened classrooms in Singapore, Canada, and Japan. We are going to continue opening new classrooms in various countries while holding presentations and programming contests.


Course Introduction

Scratch Programming


Through making games using Scratch, children can learn the fundamentals of programming. Children can smoothly start programming by arranging various colored blocks in a script to make games. For children who are new to programming, we recommend joining this course.

At LITTLE HACKERS we use Scratch in English instead of Japanese. Learning programming terms in English makes for an easy transition to other programming when children are ready to try another programming language.

  • Goals Study fundamental programming concepts
  • Grades 1st~6th
Roblox Programming




  • Goals Deepen understanding in authentic programming.
  • Grades 4rd~Junior high
Go Programming


Golang is a new programming language designed by Google. It is a general purpose, high level programming language that runs on various devices including smartphones.

Easy to read, children can make games with only a little bit of code, a simple challenge for children. Golang is also a fundamental language used for large scale system development. Through working with Golang, children will build confidence in their programming skills.

  • Goals Deepen understanding in authentic programming.
  • Grades 3rd~6th

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Teacher Introduction

Kenshi Shojaku

Kenshi Shojaku

Tokyo University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Graduate. 30 years programming experience. Former CTO of a startup.

Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock

Portland State University Graduate. English programming Teacher, former International School Teacher

Céline Tonus

Céline Tonus

Grande Ecole Graduate in Industrial Engineering. Project Manager and teaching programming.

Dai Kawakubo

Dai Kawakubo

San Francisco State University graduate in MBA. Leading various global IT system development projects.

  • 先生1人対複数名で一斉に教えてもらうような受け身の進行ではなく、個々に合わせたレベルでそれぞれに指導してくださることに驚きました。体験の時だけのものかなと思っておりましたが、通常クラスでもそのスタイルが続いていて、おかげさまで娘のペースで楽しく無理なく続けられております。英語、日本語どちらの先生も優しく教えてくださるので、娘はリトルハッカーで学ぶことが大好きです。


  • 他の習い事はやらされる事が多かったのですが、リトルハッカーは毎回楽しみで、教室の日を指折り数えています。英語は苦手でしたが、簡単な言葉で根気強く指導して下さるのですこしづつ理解できる様になっているようです。

    Y. Kさん

  • 英語のままスクラッチを使い、英語のみで指導を受けることが、子供にこれほどスムーズに適応すると思わなかったので、魅力を感じています。

    A. Wさん